Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Kingsley offers a Montessori-rooted, progressive education that engages the mind, hands, and heart of each child to nurture resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens. Our programs help each student to develop socially as well as academically and advance successfully to leading public and independent schools. 

Kingsley’s program supports these goals through highly trained, skilled teachers who know, guide, and challenge each child in developmentally-appropriate ways. Consistent themes run through all levels of our program.

  • Multi-age classrooms, Preschool through Upper Elementary
  • Montessori materials for hands-on learning
  • Student independence and autonomy
  • Extended work cycles
  • Respect and Courtesy

      Three year cycle

      • The three-year cycle is a fundamental element of Montessori education.
      • Within this model, the youngest child looks to and learns from older peers, who act as role models and classroom leaders.
      • The child remains in the same classroom for three years, beginning as a three-year-old and finishing as a sixth grade student. The materials are familiar and many routines remain the same.
      • This consistency from year to year provides security and a sense of ownership, and as children develop and change, their use of the materials changes too.
      • Competence, confidence, and pride are the gifts of the three-year cycle.

      Co-Teaching Model

      • A hallmark of Kingsley’s program is the co-teaching model from Toddler through Sixth Grade.
      • Two trained lead teachers guide students in each classroom, providing guidance, appropriately challenging each child, and ensuring that each student is fulfilling his or her potential. In fact, 71% of our faculty and staff hold advanced degrees.
      • Teaching teams work together to support children and each other. Planning, teaching, and assessing as a pair of two dynamic educators rather than a single, isolated teacher makes for a more engaging learning environment.
      • The benefits make the co-teaching model a significant but vital investment in Kingsley’s students.