Student Support

Student Support

Kingsley offers a variety of academic and social-emotional development support. Students with demonstrated needs work with learning specialists on personalized academic goals in literacy, math, study-skills, and executive-function skills. Learning specialists meet weekly with students one-on-one and in small groups both in and outside of the classroom.

Students are provided with individualized goals and may receive additional support in reading, writing, and math. Wilson’s Fundations is utilized in Lower Elementary classrooms to promote skills that assist in both oral and written work. A math intervention specialist is available to facilitate skill building for students who experience difficulty or need additional support.


Our Montessori-rooted education at Kingsley evolves as children learn and grow through the program. In preschool, certified teachers use their knowledge and skills to encourage children to explore the classroom and try new things. This ranges from practical life skills to early academic skills. Growth at the level is both subtle and dramatic as children mature quickly and soak in all that the Montessori prepared environment offers.

Lower Elementary

  • Students benefit from multi-age classrooms where teachers support individual interests while, at the same time, offering students opportunities to learn, practice, and reinforce basic academic skills.
  • Using Montessori materials as well as the best of emerging educational theory and practice, Kingsley students and teachers form important learning partnerships that ensure basic literacy and numeracy skills are developed and honed.

Upper Elementary

  • Students begin to truly understand their strengths and challenges as they flourish as learners on the cusp of entering a broader academic and social world. With Montessori roots, they further develop confidence, autonomy, and purpose, preparing them for next schools. 
  • Throughout, Kingsley utilizes diagnostic tools to assess student progress in reading, writing, and math and tailors the student experience to ensure each child is optimally supported and challenged.


Kingsley uses limited standardized testing to gain perspective on our students, both as individuals and as a class group.

  • The data provide us with valuable information about the ability level of our students and how they compare with other same-aged peers, particularly in other independent schools.
  • Most importantly, the data help us review our curriculum and create realistic academic expectations for individual students.

We believe in the importance of familiarizing our students with formal test-taking. To that end, we administer standardized testing each spring, in the form of the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), developed by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB). Tests are administered to students in Grades 3 through 6. Grade 3 also takes the math portion of the CTP in the fall. Furthermore, the ERB is a bridge to the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), a component of a child's application to next schools.

Student Support Specialists