Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

In the next five years, Kingsley will be known as the school of choice in Boston for providing an academically exceptional education that fosters the development of each child into the fullest and most authentic version of themselves.

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Plan identifies four priorities that together address growth opportunities and meet the challenges of the next five years—a roadmap for ensuring the sustainability and continued success of the Kingsley community.

Goal 1. Enhance the literacy, math, and science academic programs

Goal 2: Solidify the academic, Montessori, and social emotional learning (SEL) throughlines between divisions

Goal 3: Embrace a Kingsley education that is rooted in Montessori philosophy

Goal 1. Optimize our resources to be the school of choice in Boston

Goal 2. Increase retention and expand the enrollment funnel

Goal 1. Strengthen professional development and evaluation

Goal 2. Maintain commitment to competitive compensation

Goal 3. Prioritize community belonging and wellness

Goal 1. Secure Kingsley’s permanent home in the Back Bay

Goal 2. Secure funding to fulfill Strategic Initiatives

Goal 3. Re-Engage, cultivate, and steward former leaders and donors