Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Individual, 30-minute private lessons are available to students grades P4 and up. Students register and keep their assigned lesson times for the full year (September–June).

Each week that Auxiliary Programs are in session, students receive 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction with professionals in their chosen subject area. Teachers provide students with a holistic education that emphasizes the importance of a thorough and integrated approach to teaching. Students are encouraged to engage in the learning process, taking ownership of their learning practice regimen as well as developing a vocabulary for guided self-critique.

Current offerings include:

  • Piano (P4 & Up)
  • Violin/Viola (P4 & Up)
  • Guitar/Ukulele (P4 & Up)
  • French (Grade K & Up)
  • Spanish (Grade K & Up)
  • Chess (Grade 1 & Up)

Music Lessons

Music lessons incorporate healthy technique, sight reading, music theory, composition, ear training, and aural analysis. Students are encouraged to perform in recitals that take place throughout the year.

Language Lessons

Language lessons incorporate all aspects of language learning, including but not limited to: vocabulary, grammar and syntax, pronunciation, developing reading and writing comprehension, and the integration of cultural components. 

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