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Tech Tips: How to Talk to your Children about the Internet

Nov 5, 2020 12:59:08 PM / by Elana Milstein

Every year, the third week of October is dedicated to teaching digital citizenship. The hope is that all students will understand how to be safe and smart when online.

Helping Children Navigate an Online World

With technology at their fingertips 24/7, it’s extremely important to talk to your children about what being a good digital citizen is all about and how to participate responsibly in the digital world.

Tech Curriculum

To help students begin to navigate this world, they will engage in a technology-based curriculum. Topics will include basic computer and mouse skills as well as digital citizenship activities. Students will be exposed to a variety of lessons on digital citizenship, including keeping information private, being kind online, and media balance.Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12-54-04 PM-png

Internet Safeguards

Kingsley does utilize an internet content filter called GoGuardian as well as a firewall to help protect students from unwanted content. In Upper Elementary, it is our belief that we need to educate students about safety and what to do if uncomfortable situations arise in lieu of strictly locking everything down. However, in Lower Elementary and Early Childhood classrooms, we have tougher restrictions in place to sites like YouTube, etc.

Talking about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship 

In addition, we encourage parents and guardians to continue the conversations about these subjects. Reinforcing these ideas at home as they are being taught in school goes a long way to developing good online behaviors and habits. Below you will find resources to help facilitate  these dialogues. Finally, we are sending home a Digital Citizenship pledge for Preschool–Grade 3 students (Upper Elementary students already signed one), and hope parents will talk to their children about the statements listed there. 

Please reach out to division directors if you have any questions about the curriculum and the timing of the lessons.

Family Resources:

K-5 Media Balance
Common Sense Media Resources for Parents (CSM)
CSM-Parent tip sheet
CSM-What Parents need to know
Raising and Educating Digital Citizens
Internet Safety 101
Elana Milstein

Written by Elana Milstein

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