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Roots First, Inc. | Mindful Brains & Mighty Hearts, Episode 3

Apr 13, 2021 8:40:38 AM / by Madelin Cerullo

Welcome to Mindful Brains & Mighty Hearts!

Join Kingsley's Student Support all-stars Madelin Cerullo and Megan Swift as they delve into topics relevant to parenting, education, and mindfulness—in ourselves and our children. 


Join Megan and Madelin as they explore the Roots First Model. Phoebe Teare, LMHC and Julie Schnieder, Ph.D. created the Roots First Model. Their idea is that "you must first root down into your truth and strength before you can rise up and become the person, parent, and/or professional you want to be." This interview is focused on parenting in a connected, responsive, and loving way while having boundaries to remind us of who we are outside of being a parent. 


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Topics: Mindful Brains & Mighty Hearts, mindfulness, parenting, truth and strength

Madelin Cerullo

Written by Madelin Cerullo

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