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Kingsley prides itself on providing the highest quality education to the greatest number of students


Ages, Hours, Tuition

Toddler Level (Ages 2-3)

Toddler Morning: $31,495
Toddler Afternoon: $28,070
Toddler Extended Day: $36,960

Ages, Hours, Tuition

Preschool and K (Ages 3-6)

Preschool Morning: $28,490
Preschool Extended Day: $33,555
Kindergarten Full Day: $33,990

Ages, Hours, Tuition Icons-23

Lower (ages 6–9) and Upper (ages 9–12) Elementary

Lower Elementary: $36,805
Upper Elementary: $38,535

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Education is the Best Investment


We understand that choosing an independent school for your family is a significant investment and commitment. Kingsley is committed to keeping our tuition competitive while delivering a unique and unparalleled program. We also endeavor to close the gap between our tuition cost and your family’s resources, when you need us to.

Here are some key pieces of information about Tuition Assistance at Kingsley

  • Tuition Assistance is available to families applying to Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. 

  • Tuition Assistance initially awarded is done so thoughtfully and with the understanding that the school will need to continue to support that family at that level unless/until their circumstances change.   

  • Families in need of Tuition Assistance reapply each year they need support (through SSS,) so that we can continue to adjust our assistance to meet as much of their demonstrated need as possible. 

  • Families apply for Tuition Assistance by completing a Parent Financial Statement through NAIS’ School and Student Services (SSS) online portal. 

  • For new, prospective families considering Kingsley, you can and should apply for Tuition Assistance simultaneous with your admission application. (Though these processes are separate from one another.) 

  • Tuition Assistance applications are due January 15. 

  • Tuition Assistance awards are included with admitted students Enrollment Contracts so that new incoming families can make an informed decision about enrollment. 

It is our belief that all children are deserving of a quality education. Though Kingsley’s Tuition Assistance budget is limited, we work hard to ensure that we allocate each dollar thoughtfully, to ensure that families who believe in our mission can join us. 

financial aid

Discover Kingsley

Kingsley is committed to providing financial aid to qualified families applying to Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Learn more at an upcoming Open House.

school and student services

School and Student Services

We partner with SSS in our financial aid process. To begin your application, you will complete SSS’s Parents’ Financial Statement. For more information or to complete the application, visit SSS/NAIS.

get in touch

Get in Touch

For more information contact Catherine Melley, Assistant Admissions Director, at cmelley@kingsley.org or Director of Admission & Enrollment Management, Wendy Falchuk at wfalchuk@kingsley.org

Visit Us Soon!

Kingsley offers a variety of opportunities for you to stop in and get to know us! Attend an upcoming Admissions Event to learn more, and meet the community.