Community & Culture

Community & Culture

Community is central at Kingsley. Whether the bonds formed in the Early Childhood program that carry through the Elementary years, the close relationships between teachers, students, and their families, or the joyful connections shared between parents as they chat at dismissal or enjoy a playdate together with their children, community is at the heart of Kingsley. Children and their growth bring us together, and the authentic connections and values we hold in common sustain us as our students mature into resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens.

  • Class Parents
  • Parent Association
  • Parents as Readers
  • Parents Sharing their Jobs
  • Family Traditions
  • Birthday Walks
  • Watching Student Performances
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Kingsley the Lion Facts!

Kingsley the Lion is a cheerleader and a model for our students, showing off Kingsley confidence, resilience, and empathy everywhere he goes.

You may see our school mascot, Kingsley the Lion, roaring with pride at school events. He especially loves Spirit Day, a chance for everyone to wear Kingsley gear or the school colors, red and gray.

Did you know? When Kingsley athletes compete, we shout: “Go, Lions!”