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Dear Kingsley Families,

We call our reopening plan One Kingsley in affirmation of our shared values and our commitment to maintaining and strengthening our community bonds as we open a new school year. 

Our mission and purpose kept us knitted together last spring during, first, the arrival in the U.S. of a global public health cataclysm; then, the ignition of a nationwide movement addressing systemic racism, violence, and oppression. With these generation-defining dynamics as our 2020-21 landscape, and a necessarily modified school year ahead, our common aspirations on behalf of our students will provide unity, focus, and guidance.

In crafting the One Kingsley plans, our primary priority has been and remains the health, safety, wholeness, and well-being of the school community. In sharing this overview, we affirm our support for all members of Kingsley—students, parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff—during this unpredictable time. 

Each child's intellectual and personal journey is front and center in this One Kingsley design. Our fall planning is grounded in the common goal to nurture a love of learning in our students and support them as active agents of their growing confidence and skill sets. Whatever the format or venue, Kingsley faculty will utilize innovative teaching tools as well as time-tested progressive methods to deliver an academic and social/emotional education that meets the needs of the individual student.

Our vision for the year prioritizes personal relationships—teacher to student, peer to peer, and community-wide. Whether teaching and learning together in Fairfield or Exeter, or with an online cohort, we are all One Kingsley. While maintaining safe physical distance and donning face masks; engaged in redesigned activities on campus or virtually; we are members of a single school community. Our individual contributions and collective love of learning are fundamental components of One Kingsley. 

Our faculty and staff are working devotedly under dynamic and fluid circumstances to build and educational experience that meets the diverse needs of our students and prioritizes our community's health and wellbeing. I thank them for their inspired efforts, and thank our families for your faith in us and your ongoing partnership. 

I look forward to seeing our students and families reconvene with faculty and staff in September, when we will launch together another year of discovery and learning as One Kingsley. 

Take care, Steve