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Welcoming Winter: Book Recommendations

Dec 4, 2019 12:11:26 PM / by Leslie Hynes

December is underway, and we've already experienced our first snow day of the season! What better way to combat the cooling temperatures than by cuddling up with a cozy book?

Winter Book Recommendations

Here's a selection of great winter-themed books that you can read with children of all ages—and maybe get some new ideas on how to spend a snowy day!


The Snowy Day

snowy day

by Ezra Jack Keats

Ezra Jack Keats’s The Snowy Day is definitely a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. You probably recognize the iconic cover of this 1962 picture book, complete with the well-deserved Caldecott Medal!

So, whether you're shivering after spending the day in a snowball fight, or the weather is too miserable to venture outdoors... Snuggle up with The Snowy Day and then sip some hot cocoa.

(Be careful not to spill!)


owl moon

Owl Moon

by Jane Yolen; illustrated by John Schoenherr

When you go owling, you have to be perfectly quiet... Jane Yolen’s book Owl Moon is inspired by her real life. Her husband would take their children out owling on winter nights, which lead to deep connections forming between her family members, and with nature.

Owl Moon, also a Caldecott Medal-winner, is a perfect book for a cozy read aloud, snuggled up together and quietly hooting, who-who, who-who, whooo like the owl in the book. 



by Anna Ursu

Remember Frozen? Anne Ursu’s book, Breadcrumbs, is inspired by the same fairy tale that inspired Frozen—Han’s Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.” But there aren’t any singing trolls here. When a sliver of ice enters Jack’s heart, his best friend Hazel has to rescue him from the evil Snow Queen. 

Breadcrumbs is a story about best friends, and growing up, and fairy tales. Not to be outdone by the two Caldecott Medal winners in this week’s recommendations, Breadcrumbs was a 2011 “Best Of” book on Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, and Amazon.com’s end-of-year lists.

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Leslie Hynes

Written by Leslie Hynes

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