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Welcome Back from the Head of School: Sept. 14, 2020

Sep 15, 2020 1:24:16 PM / by Steve Farley

Hello Kingsley, and welcome back. Thank you for entrusting your children to us once again, and for partnering with us on their behalf this year. After such a long time planning, I can not emphasize enough how delightful it has been to see our students back at Kingsley's campus.

It had been 180 days since we left on March 12, until our return, since children had been on our campus. I know I speak for our faculty staff when I say that our students' curiosity, spirited engagement with their learning and obvious enjoyment of their friends and teachers, has been heartwarming and energizing.

I can't do justice to the video shared by a Lower Elementary member of our Online Cohort, but I can't resist quoting his early observations of this year when he said,

"I love school, it's awesome. I'm like bursting. You can to learn, you get to do cool stuff like Seesaw. It's like a million, ba-jillion, awesome! I couldn't sleep on the first day because it was so exciting!"

I have to admit, our young friend mirrored a lot of the excitement our staff felt as we prepared to welcome you back. As I've shared previously, our efforts these past several months have been centered firmly on Kingsley's mission: to engage the minds, hands, and heart of each child, to nurture resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens. We have used these words to articulate our compelling educational outcomes, to capture Kingsley's essence, and to guide every decision we make.

In this spirit, we've marshaled our planning efforts this year under the banner theme of One Kingsley. We called our reopening plan One Kingsley in affirmation of our shared values, and our commitment to maintaining and strengthening our community bonds as we open a new school year. Whether on campus, or online, or straddling both, we are one learning and teaching community.

Our devoted teachers, and enthusiastic students are making sure of that, aided by our new technology integrationists, our chief academic officer, our education directors, and all of our teachers. Whether in Exeter or Fairfield, whether this is your families first or tenth year at Kingsley, we share a commitment to nurturing students as self-directed learners in ways that promote academic, social, and emotional growth.

One Kingsley also informs and strengthens our COVID-19 Community Agreement, and we thank you all for your embrace of the protocols we have put in place to keep our school family healthy and safe. We are truly in this together and we appreciate you joining us in the interest of everyone's wellbeing.

The many preparations Kingsley made to ensure a safe return to our unique and robust educational model this fall are not just meaningful during these distinct opening days. Investments in health and safety, technology, staffing, infrastructure, professional development, and accessibility were critical to our reopening, of course, but they will also meaningfully reinforce our programatic delivery in the months and years to come.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Kingsley; it means a great deal. May your children's first week of school mark a rewarding return to their learning and set the table for a wonderfully successful year to come.

Take care.

Steve Farley

Written by Steve Farley

Steve Farley is the Head of School at Kingsley. He has been with the school since 2018.

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