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Tech Integration and Critical Thinking at Kingsley

Mar 30, 2018 10:37:55 AM / by Doug DeMaio posted in montessori, k-12, independent school, Montessori School, technology, critical thinking, technology in school, tech integration, fostering critical thinking


The advancement of pedagogy with technology is transforming the Kingsley experience.

Technology Integration at Kingsley

At Kingsley, technology integration in the Elementary program is thoughtfully planned and executed, with the goal of building critical thinking skills, along with technical and digital fluency. We view relevant technology as tools designed to increase student productivity and practice while supporting important instructional goals. Through specialized programs with Co-Curricular teachers (science, technology and innovation, library) technology is integrated into daily learning. Students view their technology resources as just that–resources; valuable tools that can be combined and used in creative, purposeful ways.

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