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Kingsley Core Values: Parents as Partners

Jun 26, 2018 3:09:18 PM / by Doug DeMaio posted in montessori, preschool, k-12, pre-k, elementary, independent school, independent, know every child, parents as partners, parents, PTA, Montessori School


Kingsley Montessori School has three Core Values that guide our educational approach, and help shape our school culture. We believe that these values are central to creating the best place to grow and learn.

Kingsley Core Values:

  • The Foundational Decade of Learning
  • Parents as Partners
  • Know Every Child

Parents play an integral role in the life of their child, and that extends into their schooling and education. We believe that parents are partners in this journey, and Kingsley is devoted to working closely with families.

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Parent Expertise Spices Up Food and Art at Kingsley

May 3, 2018 11:50:53 AM / by Doug DeMaio posted in montessori, k-12, independent school, parents as partners, PTA, Montessori School


One of the pillars of the Kingsley experience is that parents are partners in the community. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students support each other to achieve the most positive outcome for each child. In some cases, parents go out of their way to share their knowledge and expertise with students, via guest lessons! We were recently lucky enough to have two amazingly talented parents step in on the very same day to lead lessons in both the Visual and Culinary Arts.

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