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Alumni Lunch Community Event

Jan 7, 2019 11:39:04 AM / by Jamie Lacroix posted in montessori, foundational decade, elementary, Montessori School, cultural learning, community building, alumni


Building a Strong Community

One of the things that sets Kingsley apart is the sense of community you feel the moment you walk in the door. Coming inside from the bustling streets of Boston and entering a supportive, collaborative, and fun environment is something that never gets old for our students and families.

We love providing opportunities for our community members to get together; including our alumni!

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Diwali: Learning and Celebration

Nov 27, 2018 11:19:05 AM / by Jamie Lacroix posted in montessori, preschool, pre-k, parents, Montessori School, cultural learning


Cultural learning is a key component of the Montessori curriculum. Students begin learning about the histories, cultures, religions, and geographic features of different parts of the world at a very young age. Learning about cultures or religions beyond your own is especially rewarding when your classmates and their families can help you learn from their own experience! 
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Cultural Learning in Elementary

Oct 3, 2018 8:59:07 AM / by Jamie Lacroix posted in montessori, foundational decade, elementary, critical thinking, kingsley, Kingsley Montessori School, great lessons, cultural learning


This article originally appeared in Kingsley's Spring 2018 issue of The New Kingsleyan . Written by Kingsley Lower Elementary Teacher Caroline Locke and Upper Elementary Teacher Patrick Davis.

Kingsley's Cultural Curriculum

As anyone who knows an elementary student can attest, two of the most frequent questions that they ask are: why and how? “Why do the days get shorter in the fall?” “Why are whales mammals and not fish?” “Why are there so many different countries in the world?” “How big is the sun?”

The move from Preschool to Elementary indicates a remarkable shift in a student’s perspective of the world. During the first six years of life, a child is only aware of oneself and one’s immediate environment. As children enter the second plane of development and Elementary school, they begin to connect more meaningfully to society and expand their consciousness of the world beyond them.

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