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The Kingsley Open House Experience

Jan 10, 2020 10:42:34 AM / by Doug DeMaio

Schools all over the world offer opportunities for families to visit, explore the school, and learn more about curriculum and culture. The Open House model is not new or groundbreaking, but at Kingsley we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding experience at each Open House event. Our goal is to provide you with an honest, in-depth look at what Kingsley provides, in an efficient, pleasant experience. We strive for our events to be convenient, welcoming, and forthright. 

Two Types of Open House

At Kingsley, we host two distinct types of Open House. We offer a weekend Open House for families with more time to spare on the weekends, and we also offer our school day Open House, where parents can see the school in action, first hand.science class insta

Each type of Open House has advantages. Our weekend Open House sessions tend to have more down time for asking questions, and allows for a bit more flexibility in viewing the learning spaces. The weekday Open Houses allow for parents to see the learning spaces in full use, and to get a feel for how the school day flows.

Generally, our weekday Open Houses take place in the morning so that tours can be wrapped up before the students start lunch. Our weekend Open Houses are flexible, but are often in the early afternoon.

The Open House Experience

Kingsley believes that our greatest advocates are the students of the school and their parents. Our Open Houses are designed with this idea in mind. When you arrive for an Open House, you're greeted not only by staff members, but by a current Kingsley parent, who will serve as your assistant tour guide. Your lead tour guide is a current Kingsley Upper Elementary student, who can really give you inside access into what our school is all about.

Not every Open House is the same, but they generally have a similar structure, with some standard aspects.

What to Expect


When you first arrive, you'll sign in, create a name tag, and be introduced to your parent group leader. This is a great time to chat with the other parents, or ask any questions that you've been wondering about prior to the Open House. 

Opening Remarks

Once everyone is signed in and at the designated time, we begin the true agenda with Opening Remarks from our school leadership, including the Head of School. This is aimed to give you an idea of our vision, our philosophy, and our culture as a school. The Opening Remarks will also serve to reiterate the schedule for the day, and advise attendees on where to go first. Each group will experience the different aspects of the open house in a different order, depending on their starting point.

Parent Panel

One aspect of the Open House that is always helpful to our guests is the Parent Panel. We invite a number of current Kingsley parents to join us in the Community Space for a Q&A/discussion panel. Prospective parents love this opportunity to learn more about the school, and about what it means to be a Kingsley parent. 

Arts at Kingsley Presentation

Another beneficial aspect of the Open House experience is the presentation that our Arts Department presents, giving a fuller view of how arts are integrated throughout the educational experience at Kingsley. With such a multi-disciplinary and cross-curricular arts program, it's great to have an overview of how all of the pieces work together, to inform what you see on your school tour.

School Tour

tour guidesOf course, the Open House also includes a tour of our school. Depending on the age of your child, you may tour the Fairfield and Exeter buildings, to see Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms; parents with older children can forgo the Early Childhood classrooms.

The school tour is our favorite part of the Open House for a number of reasons. We are proud of our school and our learning spaces, but we are especially proud of our students. Our Upper Elementary students really take the lead during these schools tours, guiding you from floor to floor, and room to room, explaining the significance of each learning space, and the curriculums they've experienced there. These tour guides are happy to answer questions, share their personal experience, and give you an honest look at what it's like to be a student here.

reading group

You'll tour our classrooms, project studios (pictured), innovation spaces, library, learning carrels, movement room, courtyard, and more as these expert tour guides give you the inside scoop, every step of the way. Along with your student tour guide, you'll also have a parent of a current student assisting with the tour and answering any parent-specific questions. A Kingsley staff member will also assist, keeping the tour on pace and filling in any gaps in knowledge.

We truly believe our students and our parents are the best advocates for our school, and we exemplify that with our school tours.

Final Remarks

At the conclusion of the tour (either at the Exeter or Fairfield building), we'll debrief in the Lobby/Community Space to answer any final questions, and advise on the next steps in the admissions process. This is a great chance to ask any questions that have cropped up during the tour, and to begin thinking about the free application process!


The Kingsley Open House experience is designed to be efficient, effective, and centered around the students and parents. We offer Open Houses both during the school day, and on the weekends. We recruit Upper Elementary students to be our tour guides and ambassadors, because they have direct experience across multiple levels of Kingsley curriculum. Our tour is comprehensive, showing classrooms at each level, and all of our auxiliary learning and movement spaces. We believe that attending an Open House is the best way to discover if Kingsley is the right fit for your family!


Open Houses


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Doug DeMaio

Written by Doug DeMaio

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