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Running the Library: Third Grade Library Curriculum

Oct 8, 2019 3:21:14 PM / by Jamie Lacroix

“You’re going to help me run the library!”

That’s what I told the third grade students during their first classes of the school year.

Taking Ownership

This year, third grade students will be taking ownership of the library space. They will learn the Dewey decimal system for shelving books and will work together with the librarian to create a scaffolded system to teach their first and second grade friends how the library is organized. 

(Animals are the most commonly researched subject, so third graders started with stickers for 599— the Dewey decimal call number for mammals—represented by a lion.)

Dewey Decimal System

By spending time learning library systems hands-on, third grade students will build skills they’ll need in Upper Elementary—and beyond. Our school uses the Dewey decimal system, one of the two most common library classification systems in the United States (American Library Association, 2019). The other classification system is known as the Library of Congress Classification, which is how the books are organized at Boston Public Library (American Library Association, 2019).

After explaining all of this, most of our third grade friends had one question: “Do we still get to borrow books?”

Of course!

That is one of the best parts of visiting the library!

Learn More

During Parent Conference days this year, I will be at Fairfield on Thursday afternoon and Exeter on Friday, should you like to check in and should you have questions about your child’s reading interests. Also, at any time, feel free to email me with a few titles they enjoy (or don’t) and I can suggest some reading material. Conference days would also be a great time to stop by if you would like to see the progress third grade has made so far!



American Library Association. (2019, March 18). LibGuides: Cataloging Tools and Resources: Classification. Retrieved from https://libguides.ala.org/catalogingtools/classification

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Jamie Lacroix

Written by Jamie Lacroix

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