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Parent Expertise Spices Up Food and Art at Kingsley

May 3, 2018 11:50:53 AM / by Doug DeMaio

One of the pillars of the Kingsley experience is that parents are partners in the community. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students support each other to achieve the most positive outcome for each child. In some cases, parents go out of their way to share their knowledge and expertise with students, via guest lessons! We were recently lucky enough to have two amazingly talented parents step in on the very same day to lead lessons in both the Visual and Culinary Arts.

Parents as Partners

It's always an eventful day at Kingsley when parents visit for a guest presentation or lesson. It's especially fun when there are two different parent lessons happening the same day! We were lucky enough to experience just that when Kingsley parents Steve Murphy and Ken Oringer scheduled guest lessons the very same morning. We're so thrilled to have parents that are so involved; these are two examples of the many parents who come to school each year to share their experiences, knowledge, skills, and stories.

parents as partners

Clay Sculpting with Steve Murphy

Our Upper Elementary students were lucky enough to have acclaimed sculptor and teacher Steve Murphy pop in for a guest lesson in the Visual Arts studio. Students explored a number of techniques aimed at creating the basis for a sturdy, functional, neolithic era vessel that can support the ornamentation that will come next.

Students spend multiple sculpting sessions crafting these lovely vessels. The skills they've absorbed from Mr. Murphy will not only help with this particular project, but with future clay and sculpting work. The laid back, hands-on style of teaching these skills have led to many students exploring this discipline further.steve murphy boston pottery

This pottery sculpting work is the culmination of a year-long curriculum that touches on a variety of pottery and sculpture media and styles. Students progress from small, neolithic pinch pots to these much larger, more ornate vessels during their Upper Elementary years.


Making Gnocchi with Ken Oringer

In the Innovation Center on the third floor, our Lower Elementary students enjoyed the process and the pay-off of preparing delicious potato gnocchi with Chef Ken Oringer. Students learned how to process a potato with a ricer, mix the ingredients together, feel out the proper consistency, and then roll and shape their gnocchi!Ken Oringer Kingsley Montessori

Our Lower Elementary students were thrilled to watch the seemingly mundane ingredients transform into something delicious right before their eyes. With a bit of elbow grease, and the miracle of boiling water, these students managed to roll potato, flour, and egg into pillowy dumplings of deliciousness, right in the Innovation Center.

This particular lesson was a full-on family affair! A big thank you to Ken and Celine Oringer for stepping in to lead the lesson, and to Luca for stepping up as classroom leader during the lesson!

Lifelong Lessons

Beyond the skills and knowledge that these stellar parents have imparted on our students, they're also teaching a larger, life-long lesson. One of the hallmarks of a Montessori education is developing a respect and understanding for how all lives connect, and how we can impact each other and our environment. Montessori students learn to be positive forces of change in their surroundings. We are so grateful that our parents take an active role in leading by example, and modeling the positive impact you can have on your community.


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Doug DeMaio

Written by Doug DeMaio

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