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Librarian's Corner | January 2021

Jan 13, 2021 11:19:48 AM / by Kristen Eckhardt

Welcome to the Kingsley Montessori School Library!
“The library is a symbol of freedom.”
-Sara Sheridan, author


NEW YEAR, New Guest Librarian

Happy New Year! Here are a few key things to know about the library program as Semester 1 draws to a close and Semester 2 draws near:

We are lucky these last few weeks of the term to have a guest librarian from Boston Public Library paying a visit to each class to introduce the yearlong reading challenge being put on by BPL.

Community-Building Reading Challenge

Every month there is a theme and a fabulous list of book recommendations to match it; there is one book in particular chosen for a Zoom discussion, and it is available to everyone virtually. The librarians are showing our students the “Family” version of the challenge, which has wonderful books for kids to be able to read with family or independently. (There are also “Adult” and “Teen” versions if that interests you or other members of your family.)

The information is here and is also posted in Google Classroom and Seesaw. It is not a competitive reading program, but rather a community-minded one, and it is definitely inspiring! I plan on sharing appropriate books during classes so at least our students are participating on some level. The librarians are sharing their BPL emails with everyone, encouraging feedback and book queries - how lucky are we to have this resource in our own backyard?!

Kingsley Virtual Library | New Web Resource

I am happy to announce that as this first semester winds down, there is a new Kingsley Montessori School Library website to roll out for the second semester. Take a peek here!

I will update and improve upon its contents as time goes by, but I hope you agree this is a useful, easy-to-navigate resource. My goal for these next few weeks is to get all community members used to the idea that there is a library site and make sure they know how to access it. It is available for faculty and families via MyKingsley (you can always bookmark it, of course!), and the link will be posted for students in Google Classroom and on Seesaw. I will help them bookmark it during class when it is introduced.

There will be all kinds of helpful and interesting resources on the website so  teachers and caregivers should feel confident that students, having it bookmarked for easy access, can use it whenever appropriate during class/for schoolwork. It is my hope that students will refer to it for their own personal interests, as well. I am happy to take resource requests from them and you!


Please contact me at keckhardt@kingsley.org if you have a question or query. I am so happy to help!


Be well and happy reading,,

Kristen Eckhardt, School Librarian



Early Childhood Lower Elementary Upper Elementary

Check out Children’s Programming at BPL here. It’s updated all the time!

New Library Programming Schedules for Semester 2 are forthcoming: please stay tuned! 

If you don’t have a BPL card to use in your household, please get one by signing up here: BPL eCard registration

Once you are in, you have access to all the picture books across the 8 libraries offered on the BPL site AND you have access to fixed virtual resources, like BookFlix...check it out!

BPL Kids' Resources

I am happy to meet with caregivers during conferences to answer any questions you may have about the library and its many virtual offerings this school year.


“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” 

-Frederick Douglass

I am happy to meet with caregivers during conferences to answer any questions you may have about the library and its many virtual offerings this school year.


"There is no problem that a library card can't solve."

-Eleanor Brown


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Kristen Eckhardt

Written by Kristen Eckhardt

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