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Kingsley Spirit Day | A New Tradition

Jan 5, 2021 9:14:00 AM / by Jamie Lacroix

The Kingsley community certainly has spirit! 2020 was a dizzying year in many ways, but KMS found reasons to celebrate.

A New Tradition

On October 29, 2020 we introduced a new tradition here at Kingsley: Spirit Day.

Our inaugural event was a blast—complete with KMS face masks, socially distanced celebrations, and a rare appearance from the Kingsley Lion herself!

The Kingsley community loves these opportunities to come together, show support for each other, and celebrate our friendships together. From faculty and staff, to each level of our student population, whether learning from home or on campus, you can feel the spirit!

You can always feel the sense of community in and among our classrooms, and this event truly put that sentiment on display.

Spirit Day Preparation

Preparation for Spirit Day 2020 took a bit of creativity and finesse. KMS staff made sure that every student had a gift bag (properly handled and packaged), no matter where they were learning from.

These gift bags contained a KMS hand sanitizer (with a handy clip-on carry case), a KMS face mask (with easy-to-use mask lanyard), a KMS pencil, and a Spirit Day greeting card with a hand-written note.

Once gift bags were distributed to everyone, the fun could really begin.

Day of Fun

The day started with an unexpected visit from the Kingsley Lion at arrival! Strangely, Ms. Hofherr was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, the Kingsley Lion is quite friendly. Only one roar was reported.

Throughout the day, our students at all different levels showed off their Kingsley spirit, and swag. During regular work 

blocks, lunch time, and even outside at recess and dismissal, the KMS 

community was representing!

Each classroom took time to celebrate Spirit Day in their own way, as well. Some classes had a special snack, some classes played a favorite game, and other classes learned about Kingsley's history and mission. 


Our Inaugural Spirit Day was a blast! We're looking forward to keeping this tradition rolling in years to come.

Thanks to everyone who made this day so special!

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Jamie Lacroix

Written by Jamie Lacroix

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