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Kingsley Core Values: The Foundational Decade

Jun 26, 2018 3:09:23 PM / by Doug DeMaio

Kingsley Montessori School has three Core Values that guide our educational approach, and help shape our school culture. We believe that these values are central to creating the best place to grow and learn.

Kingsley Core Values

  • The Foundational Decade of Learning
  • Parents as Partners
  • Know Every Child

The first of these values, The Foundational Decade of Learning, serves as the backdrop for everything we do at Kingsley.

Foundational Decade of Learning

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Kingsley students carry their experiences from the Foundational Decade of Learning throughout their school careers and lives. 

At Kingsley, we believe in the value of the Foundational Decade of Learning. Between the ages of two and twelve, children learn the skills that they will need to pursue an education, become an independent thinker, and develop a life-long love of learning. Children learn at varying rates and their curiosity leads them to explore and acquire learning. Kingsley's core pedagogy, Montessori, enables, guides, and facilitates this process. Fundamentally, this approach focuses on the ways in which children think and feel, their understanding of the world, and what they can do physically.

Foundational Skills

Kingsley’s method of education engages all the human senses while respecting both the students’ style of learning and the pace at which they acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills. From the earliest stages, classrooms and routines are designed to promote order and stability. In the first years at Kingsley, children are given the opportunity to become comfortable with their work and routines, motivating them to keep trying until they reach mastery. Children begin to internalize the order and routine of the classroom, and can depend on it for comfort as new challenges are undertaken. 

Coordination and motor skills are fundamental to many different types of learning. From gripping a writing utensil, to climbing a rock wall, Kingsley offers a multitude of opportunities to develop and 

early childhood bostonrefine the many different types of coordination. From the earliest levels, our Montessori classrooms emphasize real-world learning, with materials akin to those you would find anywhere else. Children learn to interact with real utensils and materials, in the calm, supportive environment of a multi-age Montessori classroom.

The Montessori multi-age grouping is optimal for The Foundational Decade of Learning. Each child remains in the same classroom for three years allowing a deep relationship between the child and the teacher, as well as between the family and the teacher.


 As students develop into independent learners, the ability to concentrate becomes paramount. Classroom materials and activities that promote hands-on work, both independent and collaborative, give students the opportunity to take control of their learning, and focus on the task at hand.

As they make their way through the Foundational Decade of Learning at Kingsley, students have the opportunity to explore and learn when they are ready to do so because the teachers are attuned to their readiness and motivation to learn. In earlier stages, students can rely on the many Montessori materials at their disposal to help conceptualize different topics. Being able to manipulate real-world objects, and see the relationships between them, helps students to understand complex concepts across a variety of disciplines. Building off of these concrete foundations helps students at later stages develop logical abstract thinking patterns. 


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The outcome of this approach is that a Kingsley student has the ability to be independent. By nurturing curiosity and encouraging the pursuit of passions, Kingsley allows students to grow into independent, motivated learners. Whether the student has had the benefit of the full Foundational Decade of Learning, or if they were only with us for a year or two, the culture at Kingsley manifests in our students. Kingsley students can't help but be independent learners who know that they have the ability, resources, and support to achieve their learning goals.

Learn more about Kingsley's Mission and Core Values here!

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Doug DeMaio

Written by Doug DeMaio

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