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Kingsley Core Values: Parents as Partners

Jun 26, 2018 3:09:18 PM / by Doug DeMaio

Kingsley Montessori School has three Core Values that guide our educational approach, and help shape our school culture. We believe that these values are central to creating the best place to grow and learn.

Kingsley Core Values:

  • The Foundational Decade of Learning
  • Parents as Partners
  • Know Every Child

Parents play an integral role in the life of their child, and that extends into their schooling and education. We believe that parents are partners in this journey, and Kingsley is devoted to working closely with families.

Parents as Partners

From a child’s perspective, life is defined by family and school. When family and school collaborate, children benefit in a variety of ways. Their academic, social, and emotional learning are all reinforced, in positive, supportive, and multi-faceted ways. We know that children learn best when parents learn with them.
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Parent Collaboration

Kingsley is devoted to knowing every child as an individual learner, and parent collaboration is crucial for teachers to best support their students as individuals. Teachers and staff share what happens at school through face-to-face conversations, phone calls, emails, and private classroom blogs. Formal conferences take place three times each year, but we welcome and will seek out conversations less formally. Parents are also encouraged to attend a number of events throughout the year to learn more about various Kingsley initiatives, get to know the faculty and staff, or just to socialize with the Kingsley community.DSC_0674

Kingsley strives to keep parents involved with their children's education as much as possible. We want parents to know when their child is eager for more responsibilities at home, needs to practice a skill, or when new interests emerge. We also work with parents to help give children the support they need at school when challenges arise at home. This collaboration assures that our students are provided the most caring and encouraging environment possible, to cultivate their interests and passions. 
As children develop throughout the foundational decade, so too do parents. At Kingsley, the parent experience is designed to enable this development while optimizing the child’s learning; creating engaged and informed Parents as Partners, within an inclusive community.

Parent Engagement

Parents also have an important role defining the Kingsley experience. Parents serve on our Board of Trustees, volunteer at community gatherings, and organize a number of events throughout the year. They also take on important challenges and initiatives in our Parent Teacher Association, and other committees.parent involvement
Parents regularly share their knowledge and expertise in our classrooms, to the benefit and delight of the students. From quick "show-and-tell" sessions, to involved multi-part lessons; volunteering to host a play-date, to organizing a full community event, parents at Kingsley are a treasured resource, as well as an essential part of our community. Large and small, the generous contributions of our parent community are deeply valued. Parents truly are Partners in their children's education, and are integral to the culture at Kingsley.

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Doug DeMaio

Written by Doug DeMaio

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