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Kingsley Core Values: Know Every Child

Jun 26, 2018 3:08:49 PM / by Doug DeMaio

Kingsley Montessori School has three Core Values that guide our educational approach, and help shape our school culture. We believe that these values are central to creating the best place to grow and learn.

Kingsley Core Values

  • The Foundational Decade of Learning
  • Parents as Partners
  • Know Every Child

At Kingsley knowing every child as an individual learner is central to our mission. By knowing every child, we can channel their natural curiosities to create passionate, independent learners.

Know Every Child

Kingsley's teachers and administrators pride themselves on knowing every child. It is a hallmark of the Montessori method, and Kingsley's methods specifically, to teach children as the individual learners that they are. Maria Montessori explained that learning is a natural process that develops spontaneously in each child with variation along the way. Most children follow predictable milestones, yet each Early Childhood Bostonchild will develop in his or her own unique way. The core of how we teach is to respect children as young people; each one unique and capable, eager to learn, know and do. 

Individualized Learning

By knowing every child personally, we can engage their natural curiosities about the world around them. Learning at Kingsley is a rich, multi-dimensional process involving the senses, the mind, and the heart. We encourage students to pursue their passions, from all angles. 
The child remains in the same classroom for three years allowing a deep relationship between the child and the teacher, as well as between the family and the teacher. During the three year cycle, the teacher best understands the unique growth and development of each child and the classroom can provide flexibility for variability in the learning process. By accentuating the passions of the student, they are encouraged to develop the skills they need to explore that topic further and more deeply. A Kingsley graduate is a well-rounded, deep-thinking student.

Our youngest students learn through sensorial activities and materials, using concrete objects to scaffold their learning, creating a foundation for conceptual understanding. Older students build knowledge and skills through hands-on experiments, projects, and experiences. As learning becomes more complex and less concrete, students use the skills they've developed to logically navigate abstract concepts.

Learning Resources

Across all divisions, students and teachers are also supported by the Student Support Team (SST) who ensure an insightful understanding of the child’s academic and social-emotional progress. Through a variety of individual or group interactions and engagement with children, the SST helps teachers and parents understand how to support the child’s growth and enables the child to understand themselves as learners.
Kingsley students take ownership of their learning and advocate for themselves in their education. Students who are surrounded by people who know and respect them, are better able to know and respect themselves and their passions. When curiosity drives education, young students become confident learners for life.

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Doug DeMaio

Written by Doug DeMaio

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