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Jun 9, 2022 10:43:54 AM / by Dr. BJ Cataldo

The Kingsley Difference: Our Incredible Teachers

In my final blog of the year, I want to share a few words about the extraordinary teachers whom you entrust your children to each day. I began the year by sharing that I have been in the field of education for nearly forty years. During that time, I have seen all types of learning opportunities ranging from the open classroom to rote learning.  

Kingsley Montessori School has a bevy of opportunity where the students are encouraged to problem solve and think for themselves. They gain a sense of confidence about life in general and appear more willing to take risks than students who participate in a typical classroom. Part of this is because of the Montessori approach that encourages students to do their best by seeking solutions through the specific learning choices they make. The students are more confident, more motivated, and more disciplined around work completion. Nowhere else have I witnessed the caliber of work produced by students than here at KMS. 

Whether the students were making lava lamps, studying butterflies, researching for the design fair, or attending field day; they were motivated to learn and do their best. I attribute their success not only to their personal motivation but to the outstanding teachers who organize lessons each day. I want to personally thank all the teachers both at ECE and the Elementary division for allowing me to be a part of their classrooms, for permitting me to observe- sometimes without notice, and for listening to my suggestions. Our teachers are amazing, and I want to share that with families. I have the privilege of observing this every day, and I only wish families have the same opportunity. Hard-working, creative, and caring: these are some of the descriptors that come to mind when I think of KMS teachers. They arrive very early in the morning and often stay late in the afternoon. They are constantly seeking ways to personalize learning for each student. Their dedication is founded in their love for the students who sit in front of them every day.

 As the year draws to a close, I wanted to share these snapshots that I observe every day, as well as my thanks, with all of our wonderful families. I ask that you join me in wishing the teachers a wonderful summer as they spend time rejuvenating in preparation for next fall when the children return to their classrooms with stories from their last two months. How fortunate KMS is to have these teachers, for they offer your children a learning experience with life lessons that they will bring to their next school and, hopefully, through life.

In closing, I would like to share the following poem written by Kevin William Hunt of Texas.  Admittedly, I found it when doing an internet search, but it is apropos for the situation here and truly describes our teachers. I am forever thankful that I met and worked with all of them. They have enriched my life and I know they are doing the same for your children.



Paint their minds

and guide their thoughts

Share their achievements 

and advise their faults


Inspire a love

Of knowledge and truth

As you light the path

Which leads your youth


For our future brightens

with each lesson you teach

Each smile you lengthen

Each goal you help reach


For the dawn of each poet

Each philosopher and king

Begins with a Teacher

And the wisdom they bring.


Have a wonderful summer and make sure your children squeeze some pleasure reading into their down time!


Warmest regards,

B.J. Cataldo, Ed.D.


Topics: know every child, student support, teachers

Dr. BJ Cataldo

Written by Dr. BJ Cataldo

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