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FROM THE FIFTH FLOOR | February 24, 2022

Feb 24, 2022 1:47:45 PM / by Dr. BJ Cataldo

Reflections on Big Bites for Big Minds

Our return from the holiday break has been anything but calm. We’ve had snow storms, holiday weekends, changes in COVID-19 protocols, and more. And now, it seems that Mother Nature has more winter weather in store! Through all these interruptions our students have remained resilient, showing up each day with a smile on their faces and a “ready to work” attitude. Similarly, our community did not let any disruptions take away from our amazing financial aid fundraiser, Big Bites for Big Minds.

This was my first time partaking in the event. For those able to participate, I am sure you will agree what great fun we all had. Not only did we all have the pleasure of Dr. Paul Currier emceeing the evening (it was like having Seth Meyers with us), Mr. Ken Oringer and his family welcomed the community into their kitchen and led us in crafting a delicious paella. Despite the enormous amount of cooking I do (we ate dinner in every night for 504 evenings straight during the height of the pandemic), I still learned a thing or two. My husband, Richard, has spent his career in the wine industry and thought the wine choices were excellent. My 23-year-old son, Andrew, said it was the best paella he had tasted and he rarely comments on food in such a manner. We are already marking our calendar for next year!

Financial aid is an important aspect of any school, but I find it particularly essential for Kingsley. We pride ourselves on educating our students utilizing the philosophy of Maria Montessori. Supporting financial aid is one more way we can offer a diversified student body that expands our thinking in all aspects of life. I spent nearly four decades in education, predominantly in public schools. In all those years, I never witnessed the unique learning experiences that the Montessori approach offers our students. The customized learning for each student means that all students have the opportunity to shine. And they do. The unique experiences they share here at Kingsley are unmatched. Students are more confident, more inquisitive, and more compassionate. They care about their neighbor, their classmate, and their family. They communicate ably with adults and peers alike. They not only learn from their teachers, but they also inspire us to learn from them. That is what a Kingsley education offers our students.

I wish all families had the same bird’s-eye view that I do. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of the KMS family. I personally want to thank both Dr. Currier and Mr. Oringer, the Events Committee, and each person who participated in Big Bites. I certainly benefited because of the fabulous food. I know our students will benefit from our generous gifts. I cannot wait until next year, and I hope to see even more families join in for what will surely be another entertaining and impactful evening.


Until next time…

B.J. Cataldo, Ed.D.


Topics: student support, social emotional

Dr. BJ Cataldo

Written by Dr. BJ Cataldo

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