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The Mission of Kingsley Montessori School is to engage the mind, hands, and heart of each child to nurture resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens.




Kingsley teachers are dedicated to Knowing Every Child as unique individuals and guiding and supporting them through their learning. Teachers understand the unique growth and development of each child and the classroom can provide flexibility for variability in the learning process. Across all divisions, students and teachers are also supported by the Student Support Team (SST) who ensure an insightful understanding of the child’s academic and social-emotional progress. Through a variety of individual or group interactions and engagement with children, the SST helps teachers and parents understand how to support the child’s growth and enables the child to understand themselves as learners.


We know that children learn best when parents learn with them. The parent experience is a critical element of "The Kingsley Way." As children develop over the decade, so also do parents. At Kingsley, the parent experience is designed to enable this development while optimizing the child’s learning–creating engaged and informed Parents as Partners, within an inclusive community. Parents, as well as students, are supported, heard, and respected. The parent partnership is a reciprocal experience with the faculty and the school.


Children may enter Kingsley as early as age 2 and have the opportunity to remain enrolled until age 12. This ten-year period is called the Foundational Decade in which children develop ways of learning that serve them for a lifetime. Children learn at varying rates and their curiosity leads them to explore and acquire learning. Kingsley’s method of education engages all the human senses while respecting both the students’ style of learning and the pace at which they acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The Montessori multi-age grouping is optimal for The Foundational Decade of Learning. Each child remains in the same classroom for three years allowing a deep relationship between the child and the teacher, as well as between the family and the teacher. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is integral to fulfilling our mission. Kingsley Montessori School strives to be a place where each person feels a sense of belonging and respect, recognizes and appreciates the richness that is added to our community through diversity, and is empowered to take action against injustices. We actively create such a community through our programming, our professional development, and our hiring, admissions, and governance practices.