An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Upper Elementary Social Emotional Curriculum

Kingsley implemented a Social Emotional Learning curriculum from Yale University called RULER. This is not just a curriculum delivered to students via lesson plans and during group times or morning meetings; it pervades the social and emotional learning fabric of our everyday activities for children and adults. We believe this integrated home/school connection further supports our parents as partners to deliver the best education for each student. All of the specific curricular pieces we implement stem from using RULER and Montessori Grace & Courtesy as the foundations.

Many of the behavior guidelines that are established at the beginning of the year in each classroom are designed to ensure each student's safety and well-being and to create a culture and community of acceptance in the classroom and the School at large. All students and faculty follow a common set of guidelines known as classroom charters. All behavior management is based on an understanding of the developmental needs and growth of each student.

Respect and kindness toward others and responsibility for one's own behavior are important values in the school community. Students are to always act with integrity, whether that be in their social relationships or academic work. Students’ positive behavior is reinforced by the respectful ways in which their teachers work with them. Teachers are expected to be willing to put in the time necessary to help and assist students to effectively process academic and social issues in a timely fashion. Students are involved in age-appropriate ways to develop and understand acceptable behaviors within their classroom environments.
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