An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Upper Elementary Science

The Upper Elementary Science curriculum combines the Montessori interdisciplinary approach with student-led, inquiry-based investigations. Units of study in the three core areas of Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science are designed to give students a foundation in content knowledge and skills across these domains. Each year the science curriculum is aligned with the current Upper Elementary unifying theme to give our studies a broader context in the humanities. Students collaborate in small, multi-age groups through the inquiry cycle, designing and conducting experiments, analyzing data, and presenting their results. Through interaction with their team members, students develop their analytical skills by expressing their thoughts, engaging in debate, and using quantitative methods to evaluate evidence. The program emphasizes the development of other essential scientific skills such as scientific observation and journaling, using reference materials, and constructing conceptual and physical models. Classroom studies are extended to their real-world applications through field trips, viewing documentaries of scientific fieldwork, and guest speakers.
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