An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Upper Elementary Peace Education

At the Upper Elementary level, Peace Education is the foundation for all of the educational goals. From initial greetings during Morning Meetings to dismissal handshakes, this program seeks to instill core values of grace and courtesy throughout the learning community. Every day, students practice their active listening and effective communication strategies while remembering to maintain eye contact and speak with a kind, friendly tone of voice. Students participate in activities that focus on teamwork and respectful exchanges with both peers and adults. “Morning Meeting Guidelines” maintain consistency in language and expectations across content area lessons. Additional curricular lessons may also be filtered into content area time blocks to emphasize grace and courtesy through proper tone, effort, and attitude in our learning community. The Upper Elementary program also strives to instill advocacy skills and tactics for students to express themselves in productive, responsible, empowered, and collaborative approaches in order to best have their needs met.

Students may learn strategies to advocate for their needs, coping strategies, or simple ways to carry themselves with grace and courtesy through modeling and explicit lessons. Upon completion of the Upper Elementary program, Kingsley works to equip students with a “toolkit” of skills and strategies at their disposal to understand how they best learn. These skills are intended to be transferable to multiple situations to support their curiosities and love of learning throughout their lives.
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