An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Upper Elementary Cultural Studies

Cultural studies in Upper Elementary are guided by a respect for young people’s developing awareness of history, current world events, and each individual's ability to impact the future that they have the ability to affect the directions their lives will take. Students begin to think more abstractly and are guided to engage in a comparative analysis as they study history and contemporary society. Students work both independently and in groups on a variety of research projects across topics.

The Cultural Curriculum is divided into four years, covering different content, but with a central focus on research, geography and current events, writing, and organizational skills. Common field trips during these units highlight the lives of early Americans as well as how our government was formed and how it functions. In the Sixth Grade year, students extend upon and synthesize the research skills covered during Fourth and Fifth Grade.

Four-year curriculum cycle based on Cultural curriculum themes, with the goal of integrating math projects and applications and writing, reading, research, and presentation skills in project and problem-based units. In addition, each unit incorporates a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) theme.

Year 1: Archaeology and Early Humans
SEL Theme: Community (I Am a Human)

Year 2: Early Civilization and World Geography
SEL Theme: Responsibility (I Am Civil)

Year 3: Explorers, The Renaissance, and World Geography
SEL Theme: Courage and Character (I Am an Explorer)

Year 4: History of Government and U.S. Geography
SEL Theme: Point of View (I Am a Citizen)
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