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Upper Elementary

Kingsley's Upper Elementary Program

AGES 9–12, GRADES 4–6

Elementary age students are in a period of tremendous physical, social, and intellectual growth. The Upper Elementary program recognizes this growth and sets goals that constantly support the students in this phase of rapid development. In addition to its adherence to the Montessori philosophy, the Upper Elementary program recognizes that upon graduating from the School, students will be attending a variety of highly competitive middle school programs. As such, teachers work with students starting at the Lower Elementary level to set goals that prepare students to make this critical transition. These goals become increasingly important with each year in Lower Elementary, and by Upper Elementary they act as a driving force in each student's individualized curriculum. Some of the goals of the UE program include instilling a love of learning, research, and the process of discovery; making connections across disciplines; and building confident, resourceful, independent learners.

Upper Elementary classrooms are carefully prepared environments, that allow students to pursue their work independently, and cooperatively with other students. Students in Upper Elementary utilize an assortment of Montessori materials, while also engaging in increasingly complex abstract lessons. A hallmark of the Upper Elementary program is the ability of the students to internalize abstract concepts and skills, and use them in novel ways when presented with new problems to tackle. The highly integrated curriculum encourages students to think about problems from an interdisciplinary point of view. The curriculum and teachers also support the natural growth-mindset of the students. Students are encouraged to seek out, discover, or create the resources that they need in order to achieve their goals.

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