An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Preschool Science

Science activities give the child opportunities for prediction and observation. These materials present facts, nomenclature, and classification of botany, zoology, and physical science.
Kindergarten students have additional opportunities in Science and Engineering. They work with the Science teacher once every other week in the Science Lab to reinforce and enrich the concepts introduced to them in the classroom. In addition, they complete a project in our Engineering Workshop that enables students to:
  • explore and understand the concept of engineering
  • journal about observations, ideas, and notes surrounding the design process
  • design a prototype to solve a problem
  • test and improve the prototype through several renditions
  • share their work with classmates, teachers, and parents at a special show-and-tell
Kingsley Montessori School
Toddler–Grade 6
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