An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Preschool Peace Education


In the Preschool Program, the principles of Grace and Courtesy become the scaffolding that serves to support the rest of the curriculum. From the very first day of school, teachers emphasize the importance of self­‐care, care of one’s environment, and care of one another. There are many opportunities for the children to practice these principles throughout their day as they interact with classmates and their environment. Children learn to take turns speaking, listening when another person speaks and communicating their own needs and desires in a clear, kind way. Using a Peace Rose or other object that serves as a “talking tool”, even the youngest child learns to take turns speaking and listening for conflict resolution. The Montessori Grace and Courtesy curriculum is complemented by our school-wide social-emotional framework called RULER.

Through the Cultural curriculum, the children hear stories and read non-­fiction books about people from other cultures, what their foods look and taste like, what their homes and schools are like, and what kinds of things children do for fun. Kingsley parents come into the classrooms to share family traditions and holidays through songs, stories, food, and art.
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