An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Preschool Language

The Montessori language curriculum is designed to parallel the child’s natural unfolding of the mysteries of language. Lessons are presented as appropriate, with careful consideration for the child’s absorbent mind, and her sensitive periods for oral/auditory language, writing, and reading. Since spoken language is the first point of access for the typical hearing child, we begin our language education in the classroom with oral and auditory work. We engage the child in active, pleasant conversations as often as possible, listening to what she has to say, demonstrating the give and take of a conversation, and building her self-esteem. We use clear, precise words to provide the richness and diversity of language to build a strong vocabulary. Beyond conversations and vocabulary lessons, we practice poems, fingerplays, and songs. Later, the child receives direct instruction in the formation of letters, writing, and eventually, reading.
Kingsley Montessori School
Toddler–Grade 6
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