An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Physical Education Program


Our health and fitness activities are designed to enhance our students’ physical, mental, and emotional health. Kindergarten students travel to Boston University's Fitness & Recreation Center once per week for gym while Elementary students go twice weekly. Upper Elementary students participate in rock climbing, racquet sports, and hip-hop dancing. In the spring, all Elementary students participate in a Sports Field Day on the Boston Common and Kindergarten students participate in the Kindergarten Marathon.

The goals of the Elementary Physical Education Curriculum are to:
  • Promote physical activity as an important part of living a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide a variety of activities that develop skills in coordination, fitness, movement, and social interaction
  • Foster a learning environment that is positive, fun, challenging, and where students feel comfortable taking healthy risks
  • Provide equipment that encourages age-appropriate skill development and active participation

Health Program


Programmatic Goals: To empower students to think about choices that they make and will make in the future. Kingsley believes that living a healthy lifestyle is vitally important to the overall education and success of each student. Health class will involve discussion and activity centered around a common theme. Topics covered in Health class include self-esteem, goal-setting, relationships, stress management, and human body systems.
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