An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Performing Arts Early Childhood


The goals of the Early Childhood Performing Arts Program are to:
  • Instill the idea that music is accessible to everyone, not just a lucky few
  • Introduce the idea that music is to be shared with everyone
  • Create a place where children can feel free to experiment with music and sound without judgment
  • Instill physical knowledge of time and pitch without a heavy focus on the more intellectual side of music
  • Develop within each student a hunger and desire to continue exploring the world of sound and music
  • Work with the idea that there is more than one way to tell a story.

Performing Arts Elementary


The goals of the Elementary Performing Arts Curriculum are to:
  • Provide exposure to a wide array of cultures through music and storytelling
  • Foster an understanding of how fundamental elements of music (beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, etc.) can combine to create rich musical textures through aural analysis, improvisation and musical fluency
  • Promote the healthy study and practice of vocal and instrumental techniques
  • Provide avenues for self-discovery and implementation of skills through various compositional projects and practice of constructive critique

Upon graduation, Kingsley students will possess a confidence in their ability to:
  • Compose their own music for a variety of instruments
  • Perform in multi-part musical ensembles (both vocal and instrumental)
  • Approach drama with hands-on experience in aspects of technical theater, script writing, directing, and acting
  • Possess a retentive knowledge of both classical and contemporary musical history and theory
  • Exercise fluency in reading and performing music on the treble and bass clef staves.
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