An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade
The Kingsley Montessori Library exists to instill in students of all ages the fundamental understanding that Reading is Social and to promote the reading and appreciation of International Children’s Literature. From the principles set forth in Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop’s groundbreaking work, the literature we provide our students offers "windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors," consistent with the Montessori tenets of Self-Knowledge, Grace and Courtesy, and Cultural and Community Awareness.

Library Early Childhood


One 20-30 min session each week

Library time for Toddlers through Kindergarteners progresses to encompass
  • hands-on book exploration
  • read-alouds with movement, rhythm, rhyme, repetition, call-and-response, and pattern
  • building familiarity with Librarian as a resource person for books and story
  • comfort in selection and expectation of reflection
  • a sense of ownership through circulation and care of books
  • respect for the book as an entity, considering covers, endpapers, creators, and components
  • communion with others during exploration of that entity, including book-shares
  • respect for library space consistent with classroom environment expectations
  • readiness for the Library at the Lower Elementary level

Library Lower Elementary


One 45 min session/week + access throughout each school day

Library time for Lower Elementary students allows for:
  • building ability to navigate physical space of library and locate desired resources
  • refining book selection skills
  • perspective-taking via self-reflection and hearing others’ responses to books
  • supporting classroom curriculum and small group or individual inquiry and research
  • making connections across domains
  • meeting demands of readiness for entering Upper Elementary

Library Upper Elementary


One 45 min session/week + access throughout each school day

Library time for Upper Elementary enriches:
  • meaning-making of Upper Elementary genre study, academic themes, and connections across domains
  • navigating physical and digital resources for pleasure reading, research, and note-taking via the Kingsley catalog and database software
  • building community around literature
  • strengthening research skills and library fluency for application beyond the walls of Kingsley

Visual Thinking Strategies


Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) one 20-30 min session/month (during Library)

VTS works to develop visual literacy, observation, and listening skills, practice providing evidence, perspective-taking and respectful debate, cognitive development, critical thinking, and reading and writing skills.
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