An Independent Boston Day School for Students in Toddler–Sixth Grade

Academics Overview

Learning to Learn

Kingsley offers a Montessori education tailored to the talents, curiosity, and growth of each student. Our programs help each student to develop socially as well as academically and advance successfully to top public and private schools.

Consistent themes run through all levels of our program:
  • Mixed aged learning, Preschool through Upper Elementary;
  • Respect and Courtesy;
  • Independence;
  • Self-guided learning.
Kingsley’s Montessori foundation supports these goals through teachers who know, guide, and challenge each child in developmentally appropriate ways.

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  • Early Childhood


    Morning 8:30–11:45 am
    Afternoon 1:00–3:30 pm
    Extended Day 8:30–2:45 pm

    Starting at Toddler and ending with Kindergarten, our highly regarded Early Childhood Program provides an integrated, individualized, and challenging curriculum that meets the developmental needs of the young child with independence, engagement in learning, and respect for others as core values. Kingsley provides a comprehensive core curriculum utilizing the Montessori method, which supports the individual child’s creativity, curiosity, and love of learning. The classroom experience is a child‐centered, teacher-guided learning endeavor.

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  • Lower Elementary

    AGES 6–9, GRADES 1–3

    Elementary: 8:15–3:00 pm

    Kingsley’s Lower Elementary (LE) Program offers more advanced Montessori learning activities with the addition of technology projects, increased Spanish language instruction, and much more. The Montessori Lower Elementary classroom continues to support the physical, social-emotional, and intellectual growth of the child established in the Early Childhood Programs. In LE, students start to become thoughtful readers, imaginative mathematicians, budding historians, dedicated scientists, and passionate artists.

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  • Upper Elementary

    AGES 9–12, GRADES 4–6

    Elementary: 8:15–3:00 pm

    Elementary students are in a period of tremendous physical, social, and intellectual growth. The Upper Elementary (UE) Program recognizes this growth and sets goals that constantly support the students in this phase of development. In addition to its adherence to the Montessori philosophy, the program recognizes that upon graduating from Kingsley, students will be attending a variety of highly competitive middle school programs. Some of the goals of the UE program include instilling a love of learning, research, and the process of discovery, making connections across disciplines, and building confident, resourceful, independent learners.

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  • Co-Curriculars

    An important component of a Kingsey education is our Co-Curricular Programs which include Technology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Library, and Science. Aligning with the development stages of children, Toddler - Preschool classes are held within homerooms while Kindergarten through Upper Elementary programs are held in studios and labs specially designed for that purpose. Physical Education takes place at Boston University’s Fitness & Recreation Center. We are proud to engage 12 Co-Curricular teachers.

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  • Assessment

    The primary goals for assessment and evaluation are to provide further information about student learning and to inform instruction. Data-driven practice begins with the collection of student learning data then moves on to the analysis of the data gathered from assessments and evaluations. Teacher observation and recording of growth and development are essential parts of the whole analysis. 

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  • Learning Resources

    At Kingsley, teachers, Education Directors, Learning Specialists, the Assistant Heads of School, the Head of School, and parents work as a team to help all children realize their full potential as learners and members of our community. We believe with collaboration and a team approach, we are better able to understand how children think and learn, capitalize on strengths, nurture social-emotional development and work hard to address any vulnerabilities or challenges that may impact learning.
Kingsley Montessori School
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