Evolution of Exeter

With your support, we will advance our Elementary programs and learning environment to offer an unparalleled 21st-century education with flexible workspaces to provide the best teaching and learning for our teachers and students.  

Kingsley’s commitment to innovation and academic excellence will provide increased opportunities for our students to engage with technology, engineering and science, math, and the arts. Our vision for a “Montessori Plus” educational model enhances our students’ learning through a more integrated program with our core and co-curricular subject disciplines and offers our teachers more collaboration with project-based learning. 

The expansion of our Elementary building to the 5th floor will include new Project Studios for each Lower and Upper Elementary classroom. These studios will facilitate large-scale projects and differentiated learning for small groups of students. The reconfiguration of floors 2-4 will create larger classrooms to offer Lower Elementary students two floors of learning space. The 5th floor will be dedicated entirely for Upper Elementary students. 

The new Library and Digital Media Center, a state-of-the-art space, will house the latest in research tools and electronic media. The Library will also house an expanded collection of literature and research materials that will enable students to actively engage in peer book reviews, recommendations, and book tracking with a new, digital library catalogue. 

The Science Lab will nearly double in size to accommodate a full class of twenty-four students. Students will explore larger more complex projects and experience greater leadership opportunities through extended peer-based experimentation and research. 

The larger Performing Arts Studio will offer new, built-in staging for inhouse performances and presentations, creating more opportunities to augment our choral music and instrumentation programs. Visual Arts will have improved access to technology and integration with Performing Arts by incorporating stage and costume design into the curriculum. 

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