Parents As Partners

September 10, 2015

From the child’s perspective, life is defined by family and school. From our perspective, partnering with families is an essential component of our success. When family and school collaborate effectively, children gain greater confidence because learning is reinforced both at home and at school. 

Parent collaboration helps teachers better support students as individuals. Teachers share what happens at school every day through conversations, emails, and private classroom blogs. Formal parent-teacher conferences take place three times each year, but we welcome and will seek out regular conversations with individual parents less formally. 

We want parents to know when their child is eager for more responsibilities at home, needs to practice a skill, or when new interests emerge. We also work with parents to help give children the support they need at school when challenges arise at home. In addition, Kingsley offers strong next-school placement and counselors who can advise families about learning styles and differences. 

Parents also have an important role in helping to define Kingsley’s future and character. Parents serve on our board and committees and organize events. They regularly share knowledge and expertise in our classrooms— inspiring our students. Large and small, the generous contributions of our parent community are deeply valued. Their active collaboration and support help us to be the vibrant community of learners we are.

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