From Two to Twelve

September 10, 2015

We know that the best learning is inquiry-based—responsive to student interests and questions. It combines choice with high expectations, and it empowers children to undertake new challenges. At Kingsley, we encourage students at every age to reach higher, ask harder questions, learn by doing, and persist. In our supportive environment, learning can be fearless. 

Inquiry-based learning is about gaining confidence when you may not know something. It’s stepping back to try again when something doesn’t work. It’s about connecting ideas, skills, and knowledge in new ways. It’s thinking critically, collaboratively, and intelligently about your work. It’s asking, not just answering, insightful questions. It’s being willing to fail in order to learn. 

At Kingsley, when we think about the education we are providing, we think in terms of the Foundational Decade—the critical years from two to twelve. During that time, we can set the stage for a lifetime of curiosity, confidence, and accomplishment. We can empower students to take ownership of their own learning and become learners for life. 

It starts by giving students increasing responsibility for organizing their work, managing their time, and contributing to the school community. The youngest children move freely around our classrooms. They choose from sets of activities, and take pride in their own accomplishments. As they grow, their freedom increases. 

That kind of empowerment helps students move on from Kingsley with a profound sense of self. They know what it will take to achieve their goals, and they have the foundation they need for a happy and purposeful life. 

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