Education One-At-A-Time

September 10, 2015

Two simple principles are at the heart of a Kingsley education. 

First, we know every child. We teach children as the individual learners they are. We know that most children follow predictable milestones, yet each child will develop in his or her own way. The very core of who we are and how we teach is to respect children as young people, each one unique, each one brimming with possibility and potential, eager to learn and know and do

Second, we engage children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. From the beginning, learning at Kingsley is inquiry-based and takes the form of rich, multi-dimensional interactions involving the senses, the mind, and the heart. Our youngest students learn through sensorial activities and materials, which create a foundation for abstraction and conceptual understanding. Older students build knowledge and skills through independent and collaborative hands-on projects, real-world experiences, and experiments. Our goal is for students to take ownership of their learning and to advocate for themselves in their education. 

We are always building on Montessori’s richness at Kingsley. The most successful features of the Montessori approach—student-centered, multi-age classrooms, an emphasis on concrete learning, and highly skilled teachers trained in Montessori techniques—are enhanced with computer-based learning, expanded academic challenges, and a focus on leadership and community roles. The result is an education that prepares students extremely well for the complex academic and social challenges of middle school, high school, and beyond. 

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