Montessori at Kingsley

Kingsley approaches teaching and learning by focusing on each child’s individual potential, talents, and level of development. We employ the classic Montessori method throughout our Early Childhood Program. Students learn in multi-age groups, classrooms are thoughtfully prepared with child-size materials, and teachers guide children’s choice of work during uninterrupted blocks of time. Sensory-motor activities using Montessori materials are the predominant form of learning at the Early Childhood level. 

Learning moves from concrete to abstract during the Lower Elementary level (Grades 1-3). The Montessori method remains core to the curriculum. Individual and small group lessons are given in multi-age classrooms, study materials reflect multiple levels of understanding, and students are encouraged to progress at their own pace. As they approach the Upper Elementary level, our students are gradually introduced to activities that are not strictly Montessori. Examples include book clubs, science fairs, supplemental math work, and standardized-testing preparation. 

In the Upper Elementary Program, our focus turns to preparing students for successful transition into top secondary schools. To that end, we integrate the Montessori philosophy and educational best practices into a rigorous academic curriculum. The best practices we select are always congruent with the Montessori philosophy and serve to enhance it. The Montessori principle of educating the whole child guides our rich social curriculum at all program levels. In addition to ensuring that each child learns to be self-confident, independent, and respectful at the Upper Elementary level we further emphasize leadership, self-advocacy, and accountability.

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